About us

 Gamze Toys produces quality and healthy toys for children with the mission of improving its products in the toy industry with its experience accumulated since 1986. Gamze Toys was first founded by Kazım Kılıç in Bursa. Gamze Toys, which started its activities as a plush toy manufacturer, started producing dolls in 2004.

As Gamze Toys, we have achieved a rapid rise in the sector with our accumulated experience and gained a significant market share by adding value to the sector. We always think ahead and act with a leadership policy that shapes the industry. We always prioritize the health and safety of children and continue to deliver our products to children all over the world, without compromising on design and quality.

We look for honesty, quality, and integrity in everything we do. All of our products have European standard test EN 71-1-2-3 reports. During the production process of our products, every detail is taken into consideration, above all for the health of our children.

We are working with all our strength to showcase our product portfolio in the best possible way and to produce toys that touch children's dreams and enable them to have a good playing experience.

Our mission

Our aim is to provide new services to the sector with the latest technology and process applications, to be in a leading position and to achieve sustainable growth. Our dolls were welcomed with great interest by the children. Thanks to this interest, our store managed to become indispensable for children in a short time. This success of our store was the most important factor in making the decision to expand our company. Today, we have decided to expand all over Turkey and abroad in order to share the dreams, games and smiles of more children and to introduce them to the colorful world of Gamze Toys.

Our biggest goal is to grow with the same momentum in the sector together with our employees and to be the first name that comes to mind in Turkey. We continue on our way as a distinguished company that leads the industry with the toys we produce and delivers our toys to children all over the world.

Our vision

Our mission is to be the best company in Turkey focusing on toy production business, in line with the vision of "Child First". Our biggest goal is to shape and color our children's dreams and to be in the lives of everyone who wants to leave a mark.

As a doll manufacturer, we take steps considering the health of our children and we get this strength from our customers who stand behind us. With this power we have received, our aim is to become a world brand in doll production.

Quality is not a coincidence. Quality is present in every aspect of your business. Quality is designed, produced and made famous. Gamze Toys works with team spirit and strives for customer satisfaction.